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Frequently asked questions


Do I need experience to join the Club ?

No experience is required, we offer low cost lessons to anyone wishing to learn the game from scratch.

What specialist equipment is require ? 

The minimum ‘specialist’ equipment required is a set of bowls (you can purchase second hand bowls at very reasonable prices) to £300 new) and Bowls Shoes. All your clothing can be as cheap or as expensive as you like (as long as it is the correct colour). 

Do I need my own 'Jack' 

The club provides all the equipment needed to play a match , Jack, mats, scorecards  and scoreboards etc. Other equipment you are advised to have is a measure and some chalk .

Can I just turn up and play ?

Yes - as long as it is within Club opening times and there are free rinks to play on, you can play for FREE for as long as the rink is empty, 7 days a week!

Is the club available for hire ?

When the match calendar allows, the clubhouse is for hire for bowling events. In the past we have welcomed anniversaries, birthday celebrations, engagement parties, barbecues or company off-sites that took the shape of bowling parties. The green is open April to October but the clubhouse, bar and kitchen is potentially available all year round. Free car park.

I don’t know all the rules , will this stop me playing ?

No – The basic rules are easily picked up and the more you play the more you will learn. Normally there is always an experienced player at the club you can ask if in doubt and we have 4 coaches to help you learn the basics in bowls.

Can non members (like friends and family) enter the club ?

Yes – Spectators are always welcome. To join in with social events however, you will need to register as a social member which cost only £25 per year.

What happens when it is raining, do you play ?

Firstly if you do not have waterproof’s you will get wet ! and yes we do play in light rain. Play is stopped for heavy showers to avoid the green getting damaged.

Who runs and maintains the Club facilities ?

The members do. Cleaning, small repairs etc is performed by the club members. The bowling lawn is maintained by a professional greenskeeper but there is a small band of members who help to maintain the rest of the outside area.

Do I have to play Club matches ?

No - We have a large friendly fixture list during the seasonplus the league but no one is forced to play in these games. If you do not put yourself forward you will not be pressurised into playing.

 Can I leave my bowls, clothes, etc. at the club ? 

Lockers are available at £5.00 per year.

Is there a bar ?

Yes, we have a comprehensive drinks range at very reasonable prices.