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Club Competition Rules



Players wishing to enter the club competitions MUST be aware that they MUST be available for the finals weekend, which is shown in the Fixture book.

There will be no extensions to the play by dates in any round of any club competition. 

Extenuating circumstances will be taken into account.

All rounds in the competitions should be played and completed by the date/deadline stated on the draw. Failure to do so may result in disqualification for the defaulting player. Extensions may be granted in exceptional circumstances but only at the discretion of the Competitions Secretary.

Members should not enter any competition knowing that their holiday arrangements may jeopardise their ability to participate in any of the rounds by the due date, in particular Finals weekend.  If they cannot re-arrange their holiday they should not enter the competition.

If subsequently, after entering, a player finds they are not available (for any reason) for the finals weekend, they should immediately withdraw from the next round, to be replaced by a player on the reserve list (if any) or from a member not having entered the competition or forfeit the match.

Any individual competition will only be run if there are enough players to ensure that at least one round is played before the Finals. If there are not enough entrants for a competition, that individual competition will not be run that season.

Players are urged to play matches as early as possible during each round, in case adverse weather or other unforeseen circumstances prevent play later. 

The first named (top) player on the draw list is the challenger, 

The challenger must offer to the opponent/s at least two (2) dates by the challenge by date of which only one can be a weekend. The agreed date and time must then be entered in the book. In the case of pairs, the challenging skip should liaise with his opposite number. 

The challenger will also be responsible for providing a marker for singles matches. 

The challenger may choose a preferred rink in advance of a match but, if so, this must be booked in the clubhouse diary with the booking timed/dated to avoid clashing with others who wish to play their match on the same rink and at the same time.

If a game has not been played by the round closing date, the challenger or challenging team will go through to the next round provided two dates have been given to the opponent concerned. If no dates have been given, the opponents will go through to the next round. 

If any competitor fails to appear within 30 minutes after the fixed/agreed time, their opponent may claim the match.

One substitute in a Pairs or Fours or Triples Competition will be allowed. 

If a player has to withdraw from the competition, it is the responsibility of the player or team to find a suitable replacement. The competition secretary must be  apprised of any substitutes made. 


In the interest of fair play any Member playing Club Competitions must neither practice on, nor play more than one Competition match on the same rink on the same day.

Scoreboards should always be used and a scorecard indicating the competition being played must be kept for all matches. For singles games the marker will keep the scorecard. In all other matches one of the scorecards should be signed by both of the skips upon completion of the match, and left in the box for the Competitions Secretary.

If a player succeeds through to a point where they know they cannot play their next match (holidays, illness, whatever) they must then concede to their next opponent who can then advance. If players have what they consider to be exceptional circumstances they may appeal to the Competitions Secretary.

Dress – for all competitions for players will be greys, with white tops (or club shirts). Finals will be played in Whites. Markers  should be dressed the same.